set list from show 

The SPENT release show was at the lovely Bryant Lake Bowl Theater on Saturday, June 25.

It was a great success.  A big thanks to all those who attended!   Also, a big thanks to all the amazing musicians who were involved: Mr. Martin Dosh (Dosh, Andrew Bird, Fog);  JG Everest (Blackfish, Roma Di Luna);  Matthew Skemp (Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, All Tiny Creatures); Ben Durrant (Roma Di Luna, Unguided); John Colburn (Astronaut Cooper's Parade); Dylan Balker (We Can't Bury Shelley) and all four members of The Greg Schaefer Trio (GST). They were a sight to behold (as well as to hear).

Also, a big thanks to filmmaker/videographer Matt Olson who provided some perfectly creepy clips for “Lost Parts” and to multimedia artist Nathaniel H Freeman who manipulated Matt's clips as he screened them live. Nathan also screened the beautiful video he created for “The Car Thief”.

I also wanted to mention my brother Andrew Skemp who was unable to perform at the release show but composed the music for "Fog" which Ben Durrant and my brother Matt Skemp performed disturbingly well (see set list #13). Andrew would have loved to be part of the show but, well, he has hay to make, a garden the size of New Hampshire and three kids under four.  

Anyway, the release show was a lot of fun! Perhaps we will do it again someday...

Look for videos of some of the pieces recorded live at the show posted here sometime in the near future!